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What are the best times to drink a Slow Cow?

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We don’t think that you should pick your moments to drink your slow cow. However, we are of the opinion that certain situations are more favorable than others to the consumption of our soothing drink! Since the botanical extracts of Slow Cow are known to temporarily promote a state of relaxation in addition to helping concentration, we thought to give you some tips to maximize the beneficial effects of your moments of relaxation with our drink.

At the start of the day for a natural energy

First, since Slow Cow is a soothing, non-sedating drink, do not hesitate to consume it as much during the day as at night. At the start of the day, take it as your ally to face your daily plans. Since L-theanine is known to help concentration, it will help you stay more efficient and more focused while staying awake. Why not before an exam? It’s a question of not being distracted, clear your mind, taking a few sips of our drink and focus. Do you have a big day ahead? The kids are being mischievous and you need to relax? Our iced herbal tea will charm you with its pitaya and citrus aromas.

And why not in the evening to relax!

Then, if you consume our mind cooler in the evening, know that it will accompany you perfectly on your bedside table. As stress and anxiety are linked to insomnia put the odds on your side to reduce the sources before bedtime … A balanced meal, a little exercise, leave your laptop or tablet aside and a delicious soothing drink to accompany you in the arms of Morpheus seems a more than interesting solution !!!

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