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Anxiety and stress … Are you tired of it?

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Nowadays, time flies and sometimes you feel overwhelmed by events. It’s often at this point that anxiety begins. Anxiety disorders affect approximately 26% of the population, insomnia more than 42% … It can be difficult to identify what is stressing you, but you know that something unusual is happening. There are several physical and psychological symptoms related to anxiety. Do you have trouble concentrating, having trouble sleeping, headaches? It’s time to analyze the options available to you in order to improve the situation.

What to do to reduce anxiety?

There are several ways who can help to overcome this obstacle. Medication prescribed by your doctor may be the answer, but you can also just start the habit of relaxing. You might be surprised at the results, just try yoga, meditation or just enjoy a moment of relaxation with a Slow Cow ‘’mind cooler’’.

Slow Cow is made up of ingredients known to help soothe exhausted nerves and temporarily reduce anxiety. This dragonfruit-citrus flavored water is infused with 6 plant extracts including:

-L-theanine which is an amino acid found in green tea

-Valerian, a flagship plant in phytotherapy.

These components all have a positive effect on mind and body. The vision in the development of the product is to inspire a stress-free lifestyle with focus on well-being and natural calmness. There is no magic bullet for overcoming anxiety. Do not hesitate to take breaks regularly and learn to listen to your body better. Visit to learn more about the drink and how to get it to try it out and make it part of your new, zen attitude!