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Slow Cow drink in Marjorie’s daily life

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During our events, we often come across fans of the Slow Cow drink who want to share their experiences with us. We decided to write an article about it because it was interesting to see how we have a quality product that delivers on its promise to our users. Marjorie explains her Slow Cow mind cooler’s experience to us.


She talks a little about herself and right away, it becomes obvious she is an avid sports fan. Though you could say Marjorie is a sports fanatic  in general, she focuses especially on endurance sports such as weight training. She found out about Slow Cow through a work colleague who stopped her dead in her track when she noticed her consuming an energy drink! Her colleague, who knew our product well, explained to Marjorie the difference between relaxation drink and energy drink. She convinced her to cut out energy drinks from her life because the main ingredients in them are not natural and the concentration of stimulants they contain is way too high. Her workmate also explained how different Slow Cow’s objectives are. His partner also explained to her that the extracts used in the Slow Cow drink like L-theanine rather aims to reduce pressure, reduce tension and help concentration in order to keep maximum energy in the body and mind . It does not build “fake energy” by trying to mobilize the effects of the products contained in the energy drink like taurine, caffeine and other stimulants.


Marjorie tried the experiment and after her training, instead of planning on an energy drink, she now adopts Slow Cow. The soothing drink helps her to relax her nerves and calm her mind to maximize her recovery phase. As a student, Marjorie also traded the energy drink while studying for Slow Cow. She tells us that instead of feeling a strong adrenaline rush and having trouble sleeping afterwards, she keeps her focus on her studies and manages to relax more easily when her sessions are over!

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